Creative agency

We are the most awarded creative agency in this region. As multiple Cannes Lions winners and agency of choice for many global brands, our creative work has been aired from New York, to Canada, India, France, Germany, and other pan European countries.

We rely on creativity, emotions, knowledge, but also on each other. And we never stop dreaming. Because nothing is created unless it was dreamt first.


New Moment PR agency was founded more than 13 years ago, and it consists of a team of over 20 highly educated professionals with more than a decade of experience in media and communications. We are one of the most renowned PR agencies in the region; for three consecutive years, we have been given the award for the PR agency of the year by the Serbian PR Association and in 2017, we have received a Cannes Lion in the PR category!

We are proud to have brought the world’s leading brands to the domestic market, and to have transformed the domestic brans into the ones worthy of the world!


New Media Ideas is a full service media agency providing services for over 50 clients across the Balkans region. We are a team of media professionals with experience in working with the biggest global, as well as the most important local companies. We have experience juggling both small and large projects for these companies, and do our best to provide exceptional results for everyone.

We combine science and creativity, which is in our DNA, to invest our clients’ budgets in the most efficient way.

As an agency that was born in the digital era, we embrace technology and innovation, and use teamwork to drive our clients to new frontiers.


We have organized more than 1000 events, from smaller ones to the biggest consumer event ever held in our region – for 16.000 consumers. Others say that we are masters in creating vibrant, memorable and technically superior events; We like to say that we create experiences that help your brand to convey its message.

Everything you can imagine is possible!


We are a full service regional digital agency, present in 9 countries. Our aim is to create and tell beautiful digital stories.

Specialized in developing and executing digital strategy, creative solutions, production, influence marketing and social media marketing campaigns.

Understand consumer needs and how to reach audiences, always striving for excellence. Thinking forward and delivering what we promise is our main focus.


Our BTL & Shopper Marketing Agency combines consumer insights and brand strategies to turn them into impactful; great executed BTL in store activations and Shopper marketing programs. We strongly believe that creativity can change shopper behavior and drive brand conversions, with our innovative tools that connect people with brands and motivate them to act.

Our aim is to unlock the potential of brands and make a measurable difference for our clients’ businesses. We are here to help our clients reach, engage and retain shoppers for their brands. Together we share a passion for big ideas that grow brands and generate profitable results.


We are creating and delivering projects funded by international donors, governments and institutions that aim to make a positive impact on society.

Our scope of services ranges from creating integrated communication, public awareness and visibility campaigns, strategic planning, project management, media planning and buying, creative strategy and design, PR and media relations, digital strategies, social media management, to event planning and management and video production.

Thanks to our deep understanding of 9 Western Balkans and Adriatic countries: Serbia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Kosovo and Albania, and strong insight into the local mentalities, international know-how and local creativity, constant pursue of market trends, strong focus on market development and strategic influence on the development of the audience measurement – we tailor projects, public awareness and visibility campaigns for various target groups: general public, youth, academia, business communities, decision makers, NGOs and civil society organizations.

We are able to meet various market and clients’ requirements, following principles of high quality, confidentiality, international standards of creative industry, brand building and result-oriented communication.

The size of the Agency and the expertise of the senior staff with experience in successful management of internal and external experts and numerous campaigns vouch for high-level performance on time and within a budget.