New Ideas Holding is the first ever ‘Ideas Holding’ in the Balkans. It consists of the New Moment and New Ideas Company agencies with branch offices in Belgrade, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Sofia, Tirana, Skopje, Priština, Banja Luka, Sarajevo, Podgorica, and Piran.

More than 200 employees across the region live and work by the slogan “One sees best with his heart”.

Clients of the region-wide agencies include many multinational and local companies and institutions, some of which are also regional.

The Balkans
- The Mud
and The Stars

The Balkans – it’s the mud and the stars, the constant struggle between destruction and creation, and all this makes it particularly interesting on a global scale.

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We at New Moment believe that ideas are the greatest strategic advantage of the Balkans, because the area possesses energy and spirit, as well as young, creative people and leaders in many fields.

We in the Balkans may not be able to make cars superior to Mercedes, but we can certainly make films, music, design, video games, and other creative products which can be competitive in the world market. As well as generating exports and profit, the creative industry helps to spread culture on the global stage.

“It functions in a region long known as one of turmoil in world history – nations ethnically dislocated on the leopard skin principle, the geostrategic interests of various kingdoms and empires, people gazing intently at their mythical past, and many other elements make this region a powder keg that can suddenly blow up, causing a tidal wave of hatred, suffering and war.

“But the Balkans is a convergence of contrasts,” as one writer said. On the other hand, here is the cradle of our civilisation, a meeting point of cultures and languages, a treasury of art where the East and the West shake hands.

The people here cling grand ideals, they are brave and imaginative, they fall in love easily, they are prone to noble utopias, gullible to any experiment, they sing beautifully and play excellent football. But above all, they are relentlessly witty and they make fun of everything and anything – their own fate most of all.

No matter what happens in the world, here it feels as though it is happening for the first time. Anything which happens a second time causes mere indifference in this region.

This region is pure avant-garde, not just in art but in life, as well. It is a medley of dreams and waking life. It is the mud and the stars. Nothing and everything. The top and the bottom.

That’s why the Balkans has always had great writers, idea makers, some of the best films, painting styles of global significance and sportsmen on top of the world. People here play good jazz. Around here, everything is rock and roll.

Bogdan 'Tirke' Tirnanic
S & S Balkan Brochure, 1995