The Vision

Balkan creativity for the whole world

The Mission

We inspire products, companies, people, cities, and countries to shine at their most radiant. We sprinkle the gold dust.

An important part of New Moment’s philosophy is inspiring its employees to shine at their most radiant,to realise their full potential, and to be accomplished both creatively and in business. One prerequisite for this is creating a positive business climate and maintaining a creative mood among employees.

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The best way to predict the future is to imagine it yourself.


Since its very beginnings, the house of ideas at Hilandarska 14 has fostered a specific approach to work (Work hard, play hard), which influenced a specific set of criteria in the selection of employees; whom Dragan Sakan defined as “beautiful, smart, and silly”. Thanks to this, the company's team spirit has always been very high and employees have always been happy to identify with the Agency and its values.

The garden where ideas grow needs as much stimulation and inspiration as possible; because in that way ideas flourish sooner rather than later. An idea is like a flower: first you prepare the garden, and then you plant and water the seed. And then you wait. This is the kind of environment that is generated at New Moment – one that triggers the creation of ideas for companies, brands, people, and society.