According to psychological theory on propensities, just as there are people who are prone to car accidents, there are people who are prone to the advertising business.

Advertising is not a job; it’s a way of life. If a person has an idea in their head at 3pm, and again at 5pm – they certainly won’t be able to stop entertaining it. They’ll keep at it, despite the fact that nobody’s forcing them to, over dinner and then in the morning. This isn’t overtime, because we’re not valued for how many hours we work, but for what we get done. There’s no punching the clock in this line of work – the only thing ticking is your heart.

Dragan Sakan

Work hard,
play hard

I’ve just realised that I’ve spent more than a third of my life at New Moment! Almost as long as primary and high school together. That’s why I’ve learned several times more: first of all, how to do this work in a professional and ethical way, and then the finesses, the little tricks and “spirit sprinklers”, which Saki never kept in reserve, just like his famous torn-up pieces of paper. In fact, all this time without even being aware of it I have been learning about spirit, the art of life, and the power of ideas.
I’ve also forgotten a lot: the idea that you have to make a clear choice about what you do (why this, when you can do anything that interests you?), the thought that “work is one thing, and life is another”, as well as the concept that work allows no space for play.
I was at New Moment when 9/11 happened, when Zoran Đinđić was assassinated, when the Olympics began. I left New Moment to take my graduate exam and get my driving license, and then returned to Hilandarska 14 to celebrate. There I have had some of my most interesting and inspiring conversations and have met people who played and still play especially important roles in my life.
You could say that I practically grew up at Hilandarska 14, if you can speak at all about growing up in the context of creatives and companies like New Moment! And even if I ever do grow up, I want to work with ideas. That’s another thing I’ve learned at New Moment.

Svetlana Ćopić

Creative Director,

New Moment Belgrade



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Work hard,
play hard